Frustration, stress, misunderstandings, and office disputes all drag down productivity, reduce creativity, and see key staff leaving too frequently. An unhappy workplace rarely performs well.

While these may be common issues in many workplaces they are avoidable and controllable. We provide expert, practical training that can be immediately implemented, based on evidence, and using the psychological factors which can be controlled quickly.


The unpleasant feeling of tension at work, dreading going in, people struggling through the day rather than embracing it and the opportunities it brings can be disastrous for the business and for the people feeling so overwhelmed and powerless.

To reduce and control these flash points of frustration, overwhelm, stress, poor productivity, absenteeism, and related issues we have designed and crafted an in-house training program utilizing Goal Setting, Immediate Stress Reduction, Communication Skills, Time Achievement, and other vital skills. This training is available as full day and multi-day programs.


Our Mission is:

We provide cutting edge psychologically enhanced
skills to help people recognise and reduce situations
that cause them distress in the workplace that leads to
overwhelm, conflict employee churn and stress.


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