John Prendergast is an internationally recognised award winning Therapist and Coach who lived decades with severe anxiety and depression before he found the help he needed to overcome those challenges and to build a happier and more successful life.

Now followed in over 80 countries and speaking internationally, John helps people from all walks of life from Army Officers, Business People, and Elite Sportspeople to Homemakers, Entrepreneurs, and Students. 

Wanting to help others find the same sort of transformation in life, he took advantage of every opportunity to train with world leading therapists & trainers including Dr Richard Bandler – co-founder of NLP, Paul McKenna, Dr Michael Paterson OBE – EMDR institute Psycho-Trauma trainer, Brendon Burchard, and others, in EMDR, Hypnopsychotherapy, NLP and more.

Combining qualifications and experience in evidence based therapy and complementry therapies with his coaching skills he is now an accomplished therapist and coach with well over 3,000 hours of face-to-face experience helping real people create better lives, as well as three and a half decades personal experience of anxiety and depression to draw upon. This gives him unique insights into the mind, human suffering, and how to break through and build success.

With this is a deep interest in Neuroscience and how the brain works, which constantly inspires him to develop systems that the layperson can use to take control in life and deliver better results for themselves. His specialist areas include: Stress and fear systems of the mind, and how these systems generate the experiences we think of as stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

His desire to help comes from his personal experience of too many nights awake, mind racing, panic attacks, low motivation, and avoiding too much of life while still suffering anxiety. Combined with the tremendous satisfaction that comes with clients enjoying life in a way that they used not be able to, this drives John to help as many people as possible through his work, both one to one and in workshops.

John is always happy to talk to people about what can change and how life can be made better. Feel free get in contact.  

His qualifications include: Licensed Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming, EMDR Psycho-Trauma Therapist, Hypnopsychotherapist, and Counselling Hypnotherapist.

He also has training in Strategic Negotiation, Public Relations, Marketing Psychology, and Systems Development.